This package is for the girl who just had the best day of her life... A PROPOSAL!!! Your mind is probably swirling from all the excitement and you don't know where to begin. Enter Fifty Shades Of Planning...we are right here for you. This is the biggest package we offer. It starts with picking the date, and goes all the way through to the day we send your dress off for restoration. We will even be there to hand you your honeymoon tickets and say bon voyage! There will be no stone unturned and no situation we can't make happen.

Your wedding - Your vision - Our time. Simple.


Available Up to 2 years before the proposed wedding date.


full scale

Package starts at

At this point in time, you’re a girl who already has a very good grasp on the beginning stages of planning her amazing day. More than likely, you're already "partially planned." You booked the date, venue, caterer, florist, your photo and cinema crew,  and the band or DJ. You have your main stays of importance under your belt, but are looking for help with all of the rest. Maybe you lost your steam, maybe you need to call in reinforcements, either way we have you covered. We can easily slip right in as if we were there from the beginning to plan all the rest.


Available 10 months before the wedding date



Package starts at

This is for the bride to be who took the wedding challenge and ran with it. She came, she saw, she conquered! She is woman, hear her ROAR...but now, it's time for her to be a BRIDE, the best role of all of course! It's time for you to sit back, relax, and hand over your most prized possessions: the wedding book, files, cabinets, folders, spreadsheets, scribbles, ripped out magazine pages, appointment books, beautifully labeled hot pink polka dot printed MEAD file folder that you packed to the gills... Hand it over sista' we promise we will protect it with our life!

Over the course of the month we will meet in person or by phone, to go over everything you have done thus far. We will review all the contracts and payment schedules that are left, set up meetings or phone chats with the current vendors, and tie up any of the loose ends that are left during that 3 month period. 


Begins 3 months before the wedding and on wedding day


day of services

Package starts at

We always recommend having more time getting to know you and all that you have planned, the in's and the outs of all the details of your big day. However, we understand some brides just want to use our services the DAY OF,  and on an HOURLY basis, and we can totally do that for you. We’re your extra security blanket for the day..


$75.00 per hour

hourly services

4 hour minimum

Begins 2 weeks before the wedding day

This is for the bride to be who wants more than hourly but less than partial planning. As we all know the wedding day really isn't one day, it's a whole weekend affair. There are still many details left to oversee, plan, and schedule to make it all a memorable event. You’ve worked very hard on all of it, we want you to just relax for the day. We want you to ease into the whole weekend with comfort and happiness, and a reassurance that we've got you covered. 



aka The Weekender

Package starts at

Available up to 4 months before the wedding date

Maybe you don't have a wedding party or a maid of honor...maybe your wedding party isn't helping as much as they could or should..maybe there are too many cooks in the kitchen...Either way, let us help you sort that out!

Fifty Shades of Planning can be hired as "The Extra Bridesmaid/The Perfect bridesmaid!”



a.k.a bridesmaid for hire

Package starts at

Available up to 4 months before the wedding day

Gentleman, this is for your eyes only…

Have the perfect girl, the perfect ring, but not the perfect plan to ask the love of your life to be all yours? Don’t sweat it, cause we do! We love, LOVE and every little plan that goes along with it. 

We want to hear all about you fell for her, the first time you knew she was the one, her absolute favorite things, and the awesome memories you’ve shared together.. We are fantastic listeners..

Set those stomach butterflies free, wipe those sweaty palms, and don’t overload on the deodorant…we're here for you. 

This package is for those looking to seal the deal in a special way..that big moment, beautifully styled and planned by us. Romantic, sensitive, creative and unique…BIG POINTS HERE FELLAS! We’ve got ideas galore..c’mon guys, it’s a no brainer…girls have only been dreaming of the perfect proposals their whole lives, and now we can share all our little dreams and secrets with you. 

P.s.- ladies romance and chivalry are not dead! However, maybe he needs a little nudge in the right direction to help give you the proposal you’ve always wanted. No shame in your game- send him over..we’ve got you sista!





Available up to 2 months prior to the day

I have always loved a great cocktail hour and of course-Viennese time! I love the idea of having all types of food and drinks throughout the entire event without a rigid structure, leaving guests the leisure of tasting and sipping all night long….

Where everyone was free to enjoy themselves in the way they wanted..

and better yet, enjoy the bride and groom and actually get to “hang” with them!

So many times I had been to weddings where I barely saw the guests of honor. It seemed like they were on a strict timeline to get all the tradition in without really ever being in the moment. 

a way for things to flow seamlessly into one another..

I knew there had to be another way,

without leaving the important things out, a way to design it to be one.

So, I decided what not a better place to try it out, then my own wedding..

It was a HIT!

It became a favorite, a PASSION, and now I am proud to say -              

a specialty!

let's stroll!

We'll show you how!



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